I was inspired to start IndiePubSolutions after seeing how both small and large companies were taking advantage of writers. Many “publishers” ask for an extravagant upfront fee, produce a generic-looking product, make misleading promises to promote and advertise, and then continue to take a cut of sales long after their work is finished. I know, because when my husband wanted to publish independently, I did the same research that you are doing now. As a photographer, I had a strong sense of aesthetics and refused to compromise on any design elements. I quickly came to the conclusion that if I wanted the book to live up to my high standards, I would need to figure out how to do it myself. I would not overpay—nor would I let someone else hold any right or ownership to my husband’s hard work. After all, wasn’t the point of independent publishing being independent?

Since then, my business has grown through word-of-mouth. I don’t advertise and only take on the amount of work I can handle. To date, I have helped publish over fifty books. I say “helped publish” rather than “published” because I am not a publisher. Each writer I work with is the publisher-of-record for their book and collects all the royalties. I take care of the production and help guide my authors through all the steps one must take to publish a high-quality book and maintain independence and control.

My work has opened unexpected doors. One of the most exciting was being commissioned to write a book about winemaker, Ernest Gallo, for the Mentoris Project. I am now the managing editor of the Mentoris Project and have the privilege of working with a number of talented writers, copyeditors, and proofreaders and being intimately involved with the entire “soup to nuts” process of creating and distributing books.

IndiePubSolutions is a boutique agency in that it’s just me. Your phone calls won’t ever be sent to an automated voicemail tree. You won’t get passed around to different people. I’ll be your “case manager,” your designer, your go-to person for any questions you might have.

Please reach out to me at indiepubsolutions@gmail.com if you want more information.

Happy writing!

Karen Richardson