Because your story deserves a first-rate presentation.

“If there is a more potent word than indispensable, please feel free to insert it. Every cranny covered. A one-stop service without parallel.”
—Erich Anderson

“Karen is a unique talent in the publishing world. Not only does she understand the business of publishing, she is skilled at product placement and outcomes. In addition, she has a keen eye for content and layout and cover art. When I wrote my memoir about losing my leg to cancer at age 53 and how I found my way forward all I knew was that I needed to tell my story. Period. Karen took my written words and helped with all aspects of bringing my book to market in its finished state. She offered editorial opinions (always right on), handled all my layout concerns, designed my cover and back cover and, most importantly for book sales, placed the book and its audio version on all sites and destinations for book buyers, both retail and in bulk. I could never had the success and more importantly, the personal fulfillment I have enjoyed without Karen’s careful and professional guidance.”

—John LeMieux

“If you ever write a book and want to self-publish, there will come a point where you have given it every ounce you have and there’s only “one more thing to do”: format it into a readable book and get it out there. Then you discover to your great dismay that there are really a thousand more steps, decisions on everything from font size to cover art to choosing printer/publishers. This is when Karen saves your life! She magically turns your dream into a beautiful, published work of art conveniently available online and in print from every possible source. She is knowledgeable, intelligent, and kind.”

—Frank Head

“Karen has worked with me on my last two books and I could not have found a person with a better eye, temperament, knowledge, patience, and complete overview of the field. She is detail-oriented and understands if I am not! She is efficient and timely and generous with her knowledge and time. I highly recommend Karen’s services and look forward to doing my next [blocpress] books with her soon.”

—Susan Merson

“Karen is a consummate professional. The Grey Quill Society has published three books under her guidance. She manages to elevate every project she comes into contact with. Her diligence and expertise are unparalleled. When I look back on the first book we published (without Karen) it doesn’t even begin to compare to the ones where we worked with her. The book’s design is flawless and Karen was always so helpful and attentive in making changes, offering her guidance when we needed it. The process was smooth and easy. I can’t recommend Karen enough!”

—Victoria Bullock, editor

The Mentoris Project

Doug Richardson