I will transform your manuscript into a fully functioning ebook that you can sell on Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, and any retailer that sells ebooks. Readers will be able to navigate through your book with a click from the Table of Contents, leave a review, and visit your website and social media accounts.


Not everyone has an e-reader or enjoys reading books on one. Fortunately, P.O.D. (Print on Demand) services have made it much more financially viable for indie authors to publish their books in print. If you want a professional-looking book that is indistinguishable from those released by the big publishers, look no further. I will format your document line by line and page by page. You have a say in the entire look of your book—from the dimensions to the font and font size, the size of the margins, the style of the chapter numbers, use of drop caps and small caps, and custom fleurons that fit the tone of your book.